What about me?

Hi, and thanks for taking some time to check out my work.

I am based in Richmond, and I service Central Virginia, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Tidewater, and worldwide, if that’s where you need me. I love to travel for my photography. 

I have been a photographer for more than twenty years. There are countless reasons photographers do what they do. For me, I am passionate about creating something new, meeting new people, and capturing who they are—or showing them a new way to see themselves. I am comfortable and relaxed in my photography and project that into my work and who I work with. We are having fun folks, or else, why do it?

Quite simply, you can relax. I will take care of you.

I was born in RVA and love this area and how this town is evolving. When I am not behind the camera, you can find me cycling on the Capital Trail, or visiting some of the fantastic new breweries we are lucky to have here. I like to read and cook as well, though I don’t have the time to do either as much these days.

I believe you can laugh at pretty much everything. People take themselves too seriously. I respect pretty much everyone (pretty much), but I also think we all can laugh at ourselves first. Once you can master that, things become easier. Despite my sarcastic nature, I do take things seriously, and I care passionately about the images I create and the people I work with. My wryness is rooted in caring and respect, ironically. We are all flawed and amazing in equal measure. The more people I work with, no matter where, the more I realize just how alike people are. When I capture that, things really rock.

I also photograph things, nature, and images that intrigue or touch me. You can check out my personal Instagram account here.

If you have managed to read this far and want to schedule a consultation to learn more about working with me, contact me here.

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We got this...

I like to keep things light and supportive, this is about you—your experience. I tend to keep things light by way of a lot of jokes (well, not A LOT...), mostly to make myself laugh and to divert your mind from the weirdness of being photographed. Because really, how is being in front of the camera ever normal?

Quite simply, you can relax. I will take care of you.

Before, during, and after, I help you as much or little as you want. Together, we’ll collaborate so that your photography needs and preferences are achieved.

My photography style and approach is to capture the reality of your wedding day—because real life is always more interesting. Click here to view my wedding portfolio to get a feel for more of my work.