Amy & Justin at the Mill at Fine Creek | Robert Schnell Weddings

Justin said to me, as we waited for Amy to arrive for their first look, that she wasn’t a ‘dress girl’ and he was looking forward to seeing her in her wedding dress; for this and all the obvious reasons.

I myself had not actually met them before their wedding day, and I suppose I shared a little bit of that excitement.  They are not local to Richmond and it sometimes happens that you just must handle everything over the phone, email or Skype. That moment you walk into the venue and meet these people who have only been voices on the phone can be a challenge – like walking on stage opening night. Justin and Amy made it easy though. Their friends, family and extended guests did the same. A diverse mix of folks travelled from all points, gathering in the humidity of a Virginia August. Those getting off the plane from Minnesota were particularly surprised I am sure. This is the south folks, we keep things muggy!

Justin is in the military and they exhibit that unique sense of community I have seen before. Behind patriotism, heroism and everything else that goes with life in the service, you have a combination of self-sufficiency, bond and balls-out attention to fun I find engaging.  The entire wedding party seemed a solid, supportive unit – as it should be. They made me laugh hard, and you cannot ask for better than that.

The Mill at Fine Creek has expanded in lovely and amazing ways since the last time I was here. Many of the out of town guests stayed on site in the new cozy cottages- and if they were smart, they wandered up the road to the Fine Creek Brewery while they were here. The ceremony was under the lights of the iconic ruins – maybe one of the most unique and interesting places for a wedding that comes to mind. Everything about this wedding and these folks is what a wedding should be; a celebration of one their own. Fun, boisterous, mildly irreverent, but classy and modern as well.  The couples that have the most fun are those that throw some caution to the wind, accept the wrinkles and headaches as they come and CELEBRATE what they (and we) are all here for – on a wedding day and in life. These are the wedding days we come away from with no regrets and remember for years to come.

And so I stood there with Justin as Amy approached then, looking stunning in her gown. His reaction is everything in that moment. The joy of two people who have known each other for years, and yet are brand new to each other in that moment.

You cannot ask for more than that.

As always, thanks to these wonderful vendors who made the celebration such a success!

Makeup:  Lou Stevens Glam Squad

Flowers: Vogue Flowers

Cake: Pierre Michel

Dress: Blush by Hayley Paige

DJ: Dynamic DJ Services